Saturday, November 10, 2007

James "Freakin" Taylor

On Thursday Colette and I went to see James Taylor for our anniversary. The show was hands down the best show that I have ever seen. (Colette agrees with that statement). I have seen some amazing shows, but James Taylor is simply in another league. A place one would expect him to be in after doing this for 30-40 years. The show was the perfect combination of laid back tunes to the upbeat and flat out rock n' roll tunes. The man has kept his youth and even though he was bald he still had the energy and excitement of a little kid. His band was equally amazing. Each member (drums, keys, bass, electric guitar, and three vocalist) knew their place and filled their role perfectly. The only sad part of the show was a heckler. Who pays money to go and see an artist just to yell at them. I didn't hear the whole comment but as James Taylor was telling us what a song was about, somebody yelled something to the affect of "shut-up and sing." Peopled yelled back and so James decided mid-story, mid-sentence to just play the song. I was annoyed and so was he, and I still don't know what the song is about. Later in the show, James sort of got back. In the middles of Steamroller, a blues tune with a bit of vocal vamping. He added a "Shut up and sing" in the middle of it. And then before the next song said, "this next song, at risk of opening my g__ damn mouth, is..." It was awesome. Anyway the show was amazing and I can't wait to get another chance to see the man.

As a side note I saw Brody's parents at the show.