Thursday, December 4, 2008


OK it has been a while, but with a new baby time seems to have changed completely. The past couple of weeks have been very busy between visiting with family and taking care of the baby. All is well and Bella is the star of the family and loving every minute of it. She is growing too fast, already out of newborn clothes and her bassinet. I put together her crib, putting one more thing in our tiny room. She looks so small in such a big bed though I know that won't last long.

We are now down in Southern California (taking only 10 hours!) visiting more family and friends and having a shower/meet the baby party on Saturday. As always Bella is being a champ sleeping well and adjusting great to the new place. She loves her Grandparents already. On the exciting side, she got a travel bed with a mobil that she absolutely loves. She will lay there are just watch the animals go round and listen to the music. She also received a swing that she is not too sure about just yet.

Anyway I am going to go post some pictures over at booterbabyblog. If you want to see our little champ you can go there.