Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My "mom" is my wife?

Remember when you were a kid and no matter what the problem whether a bruised knee, the school bully, or that you were sick, Mom could always solve the problem and make you feel better? Well I do and since I have gotten married those times have changed. I am back in southern california and was forced to leave my wife behind. Unfortunately, I am now sick and want nothing more than to see my wife and have her take care of me. My mom is here and she went out and bought me some cold medicine and bought me tea and chicken noodle soup, but it is not the same as Colette. I now have a new mom. My mom is my wife. And I don't mean that in a redneck backwoods sort of way. My wife has taken the place of my mom and can solve any problem and can make me feel better. She is not here and I miss her.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

California City, Ca

"California City is located a short 120 miles from Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean; only 180 miles to Nevada's stateline. From California City you are never more than a two-hour drive from the mountains, beaches, cultural centers and museums, and all the attractions that make Southern California one of the world's most popular destinations. Any way you look at it, California City offers something for everyone...The climate is dry and mild in all four seasons, which is typical for the California high desert. Low humidity and lots of sunshine provides a pleasant, year-round climate which allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors." Except those you don't like hundred degree weather, or those who get bored in the middle of nowhere. To give you an idea of what the city looks like, the picture of above is what the entire "city" looked like. This "city" is located near the Mohave desert though I think it is closer to Hell. We drove through town in about 5 minutes only to be lead out to the middle of desert and told this is as far as we will go, it all looks the same from here: flat and ugly. We saw some of the local "gangsta's" rolling down mainstreet pushing a shopping cart, the K-Mart (were we really surprised), a golf course complete with brown grass, and the realitor's office (don't worry we aren't buying land, we are selling)
In case you haven't noticed California City is a terrible place and we were all too excited to leave the area. I am not sure why people live there. I think they are lied to and don't realize the truth before it is too late, or they are born there and have never left and don't know the outside world exsists. Either way it is a great lie. So if anyone ever mentions going to California City run away quickly, act like you don't speak english (or whatever language they are speaking), play dead, etc. anything to get away. They are most likely trying to trap you into visiting and once their they won't let you leave. I am sure of it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mean People

"It wasn't that this veterinary didn't like animals. I think he didn't like himself, and when that is so the subject usually must find an area for dislike outside himself. Else he would have to admit his self-contempt." John Steinbeck "Travels with Charley in Search of America."

I have often wondering why some people are, for lack of a better term, mean. Why do they find it necessary to belittle others and try to pick a fight whether physical or verbal. I think that John Steinbeck hit on something here. These people are not happy with themselves. They have a certain self-loathing that they cannot get over. Whether they are not happy with their career, marriage, or simply who they are as a person, they cannot admit this to others. That would hurt their pride. Instead they project this hate onto something or someone else. It seems to me to be a unique method of not admit this self-hatred but at the same time getting others to agree, " yes you are worth hating." I guess what this boils down to, as with most problems in the world and in Sunday School, the answer is Jesus. They need to see that despite themselves and their short comings they are worth loving and there is an unconditional love just waiting for them if they would only accept the love of Jesus.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things We Will Miss.....And Some We Won't

These are a few of the things that I, Colette Booter, will totally miss about southern california:

Top Five

* The Beach- it's five minutes from my house right now, tear

* Disneyland- we have passes and yesterday was probably the last day we will use them

* Coffee Bean- screw starbucks, coffee bean rocks my world in so many ways, its in kauai, but not nor cal, gay

* Rainbow Sandals Outlet- the best, cheapest place to get really good sandals

* NewportMesa Church- been there four years, i love it, it will be hard to replace

That is all I can really think of right now..... So now for the things I won't miss, and part of why I am excited to move:

Top Five

* The 91 Freeway and the Inland Empire In General- crappy freeway that is always busy in the middle of socal ghetto, ew, no more riverside twice a week!

* Traffic- yes, i realize there is traffic everywhere, but never as bad as it is here

* Crowded Everything- overpopulation is overrated

* Houses starting at $300,000- and those are condo renovations.....they used to be one bedroom one bath apts.....

* English Not Being the Prevalent Language- no habla espanol peoples....i am not racist

Ok Kyle, your turn.... :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Man Vs. Wild

Today after a hard day's work shaping the mind's of America's youth, I sat down to watch a little t.v. A great show, Man Vs. Wild was on and being a fan I turned it on. For those of you who don't know about the show, the idea is that this really manly guy, goes into different "wild" areas without any survival gear and must first survive and second find some sort of civilization in five days. I must be honest it is a really cool show, and I watch it every time that it is on. However, in the last episode that I watched, the host parachuted in the Rocky Mountains and at one point found a large river he either had to cross or use to speed his travel down and out of the mountains. Cool I have no problems with that, but he said that he was going to use his backpack stuffed with his parachute and jacket as a floatation device, and then they showed shots of him floating down the river clearly sporting a life vest underneath his sweater. Now I am not fooled into thinking that everything on t.v. is real, but this is completely opposite of what he said he was even going to do. I would rather have him fail and not reach civilization within five days (they are not going to let him die of starvation or something else possible to control) than "cheat." I will forever question the entire show, I am going to wonder when he is talking about being hungry, or thirsty if he is just not mentioning that they shipped In and Out and a Dr. Pepper that is just over this next hill out of camera shot. Anyway I am dissapointed and wanted to rant to somebody.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


So it looks like it is finally official, we are moving back to northern california. I am not sure how we are going to get there and when. But we have until the first of march to be out of our place. My wife got a call yesterday from a supervisor in Elk Grove and was hired the spot and wanted to start monday (ha ha ha). But that is not going to happen, so we are looking at a week from monday. Crazy times, we just got settled moved everything in and oh wait God said move. But, good for us, He said move so He is making everything work out just fine. I don't even have to worry about a thing. It's amazing. The timing of everything was perfect. The only person keeping us down here, gave us his blessing, the apartment we were looking at down here, well i could live there by myself but not with Colette, and then she got a call saying you have a job in Nor Cal. Perfect!