Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good News!!

The shower will be fixed. Maintenance came in and said that it shouldn't be that way so he is going to order a better shower and head and see if that helps. If not he will go from there to get it fixes. Halleluja!

why i love my job

today, i got paid the same as any other day, but today i really didn't do anything. I got to school late, though not my fault so i was off the hook. it was the teachers fault, he gave me the wrong time. so i go into the classroom take role and push play, end of period. Then i sat there for the about twenty minutes reading "the grapes of wrath." for those who have read it, that book makes me hungry. then i was asked to cover a teacher's class, they are doing star testing, so she could use the bathroom. I did this one other time in the next two hours. then i read some more in a classroom with five students in it. They had nothing to do, they were just too disruptive to stay with the students taking tests. And by 12:15 i was on my way home after a full days work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


One thing that i cannot stand are crappy showers. In my mind there are three things that make a good shower: water pressure, water temp, and water heigth. A good shower must have all three of things or it is just ok. At my new place, the water temp. is great. I have never run out of hot water yet and i hope that it never happens. However, the other two are lacking. The water hits me right at the bottom of the neck. Which is great until i want to wash my face or hair. And then the water pressure sucks. Literally, one must stand directly under or extremelly close to the faucet to remain in the water. Standing on the other side of the shower one would remain completelly dry. something must be done and soon or i will go insane, longing for a good shower.

Rockin' out for Jesus

On easter service, (i know it has been awhile) I was takin a back. During the worship i looked up to see a woman raising her hand, nothing wrong with that, but it was the shape or sign she was making. She had her hand in the rock n' roll sign (i love you in sign language with out the thumb). Nothing wrong with that, it just struck me as odd.

making fun of people

now don't get me wrong, i know you aren't supposed to do it especially when it is something out of control of the person. But sometimes...I don't have a clip of this or anything cool like that but on the special features from the movie "children of men" the director or something like has a voice that is too priceless not to mention. He started out talking nothing to odd, a thick russian accent but then you notice something, yes he also has quite the thick lisp as well. Funny to me. In my little brain big russians are big and manly and do not have a lisp. Maybe i was tired and it was late, but my wife and i thought it was really funny. the movie wasn't have bad either.

Friday, April 6, 2007

God's Faithfulness

If you don't know worrying about money is probably the thing i do the most that i wish i didn't do. I have always been a saver, which i think is a good thing, but sometimes i take it to far. Not to brag but right now my wife and i make enough money to survive and save some money for a rainy day. But for whatever reason it is hard for me to just sit there and trust God. That sounds wrong, it is not that i don't trust God, he has never, literally never failed me and i know for a fact that i will be fine. yet something inside me says watch out don't spend to much, do you have some money in saving, can you pay your bills; constantly. This is all to say that God is extremelly faithful to take care of your physical needs. Surely we are blessed to be in America, there are others that don't have enough, so here is my challenge if you don't already do this...Give back to God. We are told not to test God. But He tells us to test him on one If you give back to God, tithe your money, He will take care of you. Ever since i heard this message and started tithing somehow i have enough money. I don't make more, actually less, but it is more than enough. God has been faithful to me and He will continue to be.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

nothing to say

not much to say, just got the internet half way up and running at my place. there are wires running all over the floor right now and everything is a mess but the important thing is done. i have the internet, the world is at my finger tips once again.