Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Planet Earth

This has to be one the coolest things that i have ever seen in my entire life. If you get a chance to watch any of these episodes you will not be sorry. The variety of life will never cease to amaze me. This show, thanks to modern technology, captures on film so many unbelievable creatures, from the beautiful to the absurd. But not only that but you will be amazed at the wonder of this planet that we live on. How much life on the entire planet revolves around that sun and it's affects on the planet. It is hard to imagine that people cannot not help but see the need for a creator and design when studying the world. This show is amazing, i love it and i think that you should watch it and love it as well.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Renta's Paradise

We have found our place! We were about to give up and just start driving around until we found something anything that we liked. But before we did that we wanted to check just one more place: Rivergate Apartments. It is the perfect place. Surrounded by redwood trees, japanese maples, and other green plant like things, so all that is to say the grounds are beautiful. The neighborhood is perfect. Not in the ghetto, it is just in an older area which is exactly what we were looking for. The only draw back is that we will not have a washer and dryer in our unit, but my parents don't live that far away, hehehe. So we move in this Wednesday. We love it and are excited to move into our place!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

...in the ghetto

Apartment hunting will take you to some interesting places. Take the rosedown apartments for example. Now i know that i am not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but people make millions a year creating covers for me to judge. That just doesn't seem fair. Anyway so the place looked a little "low income" but hey if the crime rate is low and the apartments are too bad who cares right? I got past the outward appearence, no judging on my part. But then we went into the leasing office and met...we will call her sarah. Sarah appeared to be dressed just fine when she was sitting behind a desk, but then she got up to show us a few apartments. Walking behind her, i noticed her skirt was probably much shorter than it should be and her knee high boots we actually the ugliest shoes i had ever seen not to mention they we falling apart, tearing at both heals. To make this combination even worse the colors didn't match, brown shoes, black skirt and a pink shirt. Not to bad on the pink but brown and black, tsk tsk tsk. Even i know that. After this site i thought, " so this is what represents their apartments." Walking into the apartments i realized that this book had an fitting cover. The rooms smelled like stale cigarette smoke, dirty carpet, dirty walls. Rooms to small to actually fit any bed at all, even a twin. It was terrible, the only place that we thought, "there is NO WAY i would even consider living here if it was the only option." So beware of the ghetto!! I would show pictures but i am lazy!

Friday, March 16, 2007

A return to normalcy or it has been awhile

I suppose with that heading it might be painfully obvious (to some of you) that i like david crowder. but that is not why i am writting. Life is finally returning to some sort of normal routine. Which after a like a month or so it is about time. We are settled in a home for a least the next month or two and both me and colette are working (well i start monday) and are in search of the perfect apartment. we shall prevail since it was God's idea for us to move up here in the first place. So this blog shall begin again and continue as normal until we move again. just thought i would say that but for now i must go...apartment hunting.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

word verification or mind control

so the other day while commenting on a post and i was prompted as usual (mmm one 'l' or two?) to type what i see in the box. Normally, i would think much of it other than "i hate doing this part, why must this be done? so annoying." but this time was different what i saw in the box was
maybe my mind was in the gutter, but it made me think of other words that have those letters in it like ...fock (i don't think that is a word) or cuf (again one 'f' or two). you get the idea, if you don't then it was just me and all of this can be ignored. to cut this short 'cause it is late and past my bedtime. They (you know they, them) are sending subliminal messages out to the masses. everyday. i am not sure what they are trying to brainwash me into doing, but i don't like it one bit.

p.s. i think everyone should read "everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die" by david crowder and hogan something or other. even if you don't agree with what he says, (there hasn't been that much theology yet, more telling of history) it should be read for sheer comedic value. they are funny men, and they make me laugh. and maybe they will make you laugh, and learn as well.