Monday, July 9, 2007

~thoughts from church~

What do you think the message of the church is to the world? What is your message to the world? Do you think it is the same message that Jesus gave?

People reject the Jesus and the church today; People rejected Jesus when he lived on earth. Are they for the same reason?


kddub said...

it's possible I suppose, at least the same intentions. I think that Jesus said things that were difficult for that culture to react to, to want to allow any change to their beliefs and traditions. Sometimes when you read what Jesus said, it's hard stuff to follow, it's also changing everything they'd done for years.

I feel like the church on the other hand, may also be trying to stand for what jesus stood for, yet it is done with more of an aloof, non accepting persona. I would bet that Jesus' tone and possibly smile, and love in general made all the difference in the way that he interacted with people in comparison to the way that many church people interact with people. Yet he was still denied by many.
So I think that it's possible that in some instances, the church is being rejected for it's stand for what is right, and that goes against many of our culture's values.

But I also think things get all messed up when people's pride steps in, and they start patting themselves on the back.

(sorry so long!)

(-)(-) said...

I agree with you Kristen in the fact that His "smile" did alot. for me, I always think of the look in HIs eyes when He might say something to someone or too me.

I dont really get a good general feel for what the world thinks Gods Message is. I more or less just feel a sence of insecurity and need to be involved as something publicly known as good.


The Booters said...

yeah, i would have to agree as well. this is certainly something that i have been wanting to work on in my life.... in terms of how i represent a christian. it is not easy, but when i think about it, people everyday are looking at me thinking "hmm, if i am christian, am i going to be like her?" and it makes me wonder if they think that is a good thing or a bad thing. i fear that a majority of the time it is not a good thing and that scares me.

there are plenty of people in my life that just reak of jesus' love and being around them makes you just want whatever it is in them that makes them who they are, and they are so willing to tell you it is all god. it takes a lot of work for me to be at that point and i know most of the time i am not, but i think if more christians and the church itself just exuded what jesus is and acted more like him, people would have to love us :) because the people i know are impossible not to like.