Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been motivated by Brittney to give an update on what is going on in my life. Since it has been a while since I blogged (sorry about that) I am going to steal her simple yet effective format.

Kyle ~ I am finally getting work so I am officially out of retirement (mixed feelings about this). I am not getting a ton of work but I worked two days last week and will finish this week with a total of three days. That is unusually slow, but it is much better than nothing at all. When I am not working I am busy getting ready for the arrival of Bella. That means a lot of laundry, organizing, and purchasing of important things like a car seat and stroller. And not to lie, Colette has been a big help in all of this as well. I think we are officially ready with all of the "necessities" (i.e. clothes, bed, diapers, car seat, boobs(no purchase necessary, conveniently Colette came with them)).

Colette ~ She is still a hard working girl making us the "big money" plus she is feeling more and more ready to have this baby. She doesn't complain (even though I know her back hurts) and has been a great help getting everything ready for our little Bella. She is planning on November 1 being her last day at work unless we have Bella before then. We are down to basically weekly/bi-weekly appointments with her doctor and he says though it may not be soon we could be having our baby any day now. I am thinking we should have the baby Saturday around brunch. That sounds good to Colette and I hopefully Bella agrees.

P.s. she just started another blog, that hopefully she will use.

Bella ~ She is 37 weeks on Saturday and stills shows a great heart beat, great size, and is head down ready to be born. Not much else to say right now, but hopefully soon there will be lots.


Kristin said...

hey guys!

I am glad you did this, so we could be kept in the loop.

I am sooo excited for you both, and so very glad that things are going well.
It's the home stretch!

Brittney Harmon said...

:o) sure I'll share my wonderful ideas... hehe

Hope we get to see you guys this weekend! we should be rolling into town around 4-5 this afternoon! I think we'll be coming to your show... provided that I'm not puking and Sati's not being a nut.

Barb said...

Yeah...I'm with Kristin, glad for the update.
Thank you...