Wednesday, April 18, 2007

making fun of people

now don't get me wrong, i know you aren't supposed to do it especially when it is something out of control of the person. But sometimes...I don't have a clip of this or anything cool like that but on the special features from the movie "children of men" the director or something like has a voice that is too priceless not to mention. He started out talking nothing to odd, a thick russian accent but then you notice something, yes he also has quite the thick lisp as well. Funny to me. In my little brain big russians are big and manly and do not have a lisp. Maybe i was tired and it was late, but my wife and i thought it was really funny. the movie wasn't have bad either.

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The Agees said...

I thought the guy who directed that movie was Mexican.

Oh yeah, and he's probably a millionaire, too.

Not bad for's no safe way to finish this sentence.