Thursday, April 26, 2007

why i love my job

today, i got paid the same as any other day, but today i really didn't do anything. I got to school late, though not my fault so i was off the hook. it was the teachers fault, he gave me the wrong time. so i go into the classroom take role and push play, end of period. Then i sat there for the about twenty minutes reading "the grapes of wrath." for those who have read it, that book makes me hungry. then i was asked to cover a teacher's class, they are doing star testing, so she could use the bathroom. I did this one other time in the next two hours. then i read some more in a classroom with five students in it. They had nothing to do, they were just too disruptive to stay with the students taking tests. And by 12:15 i was on my way home after a full days work.

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