Friday, April 25, 2008

Percussion Sunday

I can't believe that i forgot to talk about this sooner. I was so excited about, so much that I didn't say a word about it.

This past Sunday, I was playing for the worship team and on Thursday we went to practice and realized that the we had a percussionist but we also had two more people who play percussion. So instead of having bass and mandolin we thought we would try out three percussionist instead. I played cajon and other various little "toys", another played djembe and some "toys" and the last player had a djembe and a doumbek. It was an absolute blast to have so many layers and not have to worry about filling in everything with one player. We each would hear something different, play it, and then we would work around each other. It was nice that we all had different sounds, even the two djembes had different tones; the parts that overlapped still sounded distinct and didn't turn to mud.

I know I had fun and would love to do it again, but a lot of people of the congregation also said that they really enjoyed the sound and hope to hear it again.


brittney said...

I would love it and so would the deaf (in deaf churches that's the only kinds of instruments that they use). Oh yeah and Sati is in a bang bang stage so she would love it too. Make a CD haha.

brittney said...

Sati just got her first set of drums, and she won't let them out of her sight... I think she needs some one on one with uncle Kyle... What do you say?