Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Roll Over Beethoven

A couple of days ago Bella rolled over for the first time. Colette and I were both there to witness this and can't wait for her to realize what this new found skill can mean for her. I know this will probably take a little while as she hasn't even attempted to do it again. She loves to roll onto her side but stops there.

She has also started eating "solid" food. She loves banana and avocado so far and I am sure more will be added to that list as time goes on.

She is also currently filling her diaper with poop. Isn't that exciting?


Anonymous said...

Hiya from Brody's blog!

Congrats on your little one rolling over :-) I was way excited when my niece rolled over for the first time (not having any kids of my own). It's also amusing that the only time you're really proud of a someone expressing bodily functions: pooping, burping, farting, etc. is when they're a baby. It's just not as impressive when they're older :-P

Brittney Harmon said...

so... your show tonight... I'm a little confused on the directions. It looks like it's in old town... we'll try our best to find it.

Kristin said...

she's growing up so fast! Good for you getting her to eat avacado. I couldn't get my boys to eat avacado!