Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Bulletproof Backpack

"Finally there is a product that will help you take an active step towards safeguarding yourself and the people you care about from shooting incidents.

"MJ Safety Solutions has developed, for the first time ever, a full size, lightweight ballistic protection back pack that is affordable and practical.

"Now you can provide on the spot protection against guns and knife violence!

"Independently tested to the standards set by the National Institute for Justice to provide Level II ballistic protection, as found in most police body armor, at almost 1/10 the weight.

"Since 1999 over 328 incidents have occurred, leaving 229 dead and 422 injured in school violence alone. That is an average of about 1 per week since the Columbine Tragedy. In almost 97% of these documented incidents, MJ Safety Solutions backpack could have provided the ballistic protection that could have saved lives.

"This backpack can provide life saving defense for anyone: school children, educators, journalists and tourists to name a few. This is a full size, ultra leightweight backpack packed with features to make it practical for everyone.

"Our children already live with these thoughts every day. School systems across the nation are staging drills for "lock downs" and "shelter in place." Act now to give your children a personal, defensive safety tool that will help them feel more confident and able to focus on learning. Isn't that what school should really be about?"

Is this really where our world has gone?


Brody Harper said...

Ummmm or option "B"... move.

Kevin Davis said...

dude, i totally get shot all the time at school when i'm not looking. thanks for posting this. now i don't have to have a homie with a magnum at my back all the time. now if only they'd make a backpack that would fire back...

kddub said...

my first thought is ...good... for the kids I guess.

Then I realized how sad and awful it is that it's actually necessary. Are kids going to have to start wearing bullet proof vests and helmets too? (that may cut down on the teenage pregnancy rate though, which may be a good thing ha ha)

randy said...

Have you seen "Blood Diamond"?

its kinda weird to think that someone would make something like this for kids to have.

it kinda makes me wonder whats going to be around in about 100yrs when the next level of technology evolves and guns are obsolete. Every one is going to have to get something new.

honestly I kind of expect our whole social system will drastically change after the next major world conflict.

that is of course if its not the last major conflict.