Sunday, August 19, 2007


For the past two weeks Colette's sister, Cyndi and cousin, Valerie were up spending the rest of their summer vacation. There was a lot of leisure time, but there were a few fun events. First they got to see a concert they were hoping to catch; they were excited, I have never heard of the bands. Second Colette was able to borrow my brothers digital canon SLR (hint for a christmas present ;)) and take the girls out for a few hours of modeling fun for cyndi's senior portraits and of course fun. Colette will probably be posting some of the pictures onto her myspace page. Lastly and the most fun in my opinion was a San Francisco trip. We got up and drove down to pier 39 and spent the day walking around there and shopping. We stopped and checked out the sea lions for a while. The best part of the trip was a boat ride around alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. The boat ride lasts for about 90 min. and cost $11 a person. We were able to get a ride with the same guy that we got the tour from two days before our wedding so that was really cool. He even recognized us. Fortunately, there were no fire jugglers present this time. Which if you don't know that story I will tell it again tomorrow. I don't think i ever blogged about it.

Anyway fun times were had by all.

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kddub said...

Sounds like you and they are having a good time! SF is always a good day trip.

Can't wait to hear about the fire jugglers!