Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to school and parents that don't care.

Tuesday marked my first day back as a sub; back to punk little kids who think they are hardcore thugs. On Wednesday I had to break up a group of kids before it turned into a fight. I got the smaller guy and aggressor to back down as he claimed "it wasn't worth it." (I think he really meant he didn't want to get his butt kicked). I had a female student with six different brightly colored extensions in her hair. It looked really trashy and even more stupid. I am sure that more stories are going to be flowing out of this school year before all of the "problem" kids get shuffled around to where they can be managed or just sent away. It is sad to me as I realize that most of these kids just don't have parents that care.

I saw a form on "my desk" from a student whose parents didn't want to participate in a program that would let them check up on their children's progress through the year. The program is free and allows parents to check grades, homework, attendance, etc...Why as a parent would you not want to do that? Even if you have the perfect child, it won't hurt you to check on your children. I don't get people sometimes.

More stories to come...

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randy said...

Id agree,

I dont know much but lots of people seem to just let their kids do what ever, just to keep them saticfied.