Saturday, September 29, 2007

Abuse of Power

There is not much that a girl can't get a guy to do. Look sad, cute, that sort of thing, and he is like putty in their hands. Pardon the comparison, but it is a lot like a puppy dog. People's hearts melt and they give in to every whim or fancy. I am not sure why they have this power but they do. Really it is not fair.

At the end of school on Friday a girl walked into my class, and like a fly on the wall I got to watch her use this power. She walked over to a group of guys and in the cutest voice she could muster said, "who wants to walk me to the Library?" (Note that the library is about a three minute walk from the classroom). At first nobody wanted to go, but then she gave them the puppy dog eyes. Then in a matter of seconds several of the boys suddenly seemed to want to do nothing else. Now they were stuck having to decide who got to go, when nobody wanted to go just seconds ago. Eventually, it was figured out and one "Lucky(?)" guy got to escort her to the library.

Looking at it from this vantage point, it is rather ridiculous, though we all know that I have fallen for the trick many a time, as have many other men.


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yeah, its a power that can loose its strength if not used properly. jenny does it to me but she doesnt really abuse it. only when she needs me to get something from the top shelf.