Monday, September 24, 2007


For our Birthday's, Colette and I got a new cat. Her name is Maddy (short for Madeline) though we call her Gizmo because she sounds like a gremlin and might be one so we just don't get her wet. She is adorable, loves to cuddle, follows us around the house, watches movies with us, and plays fetch which is awesome. There is nothing about her that we don't love. Actually, her only downside is that she is mesmerised by the computer just like the T.V. but likes to walk across the keyboard. (though i now have an excuse for the fact the I can't spell) The best part of all is that Solomon and her even get along just fine and love to chase each other around the house. It is great.

(Solomon, since Gizmo has arrived, has become very territorial. At the same time another cat has decided that he needs to hang out on our patio. Normally Solomon is looking and the window and puffs up and starts pacing between two windows wanting to get outside. Though one time Solomon was outside on the patio when the cat came up. Solomon climbed over our "gate" which stands all of 2 1/2 feet tall (he is afraid to jump to the unknown) and started beating the cat up. I ran after them and saw a cloud of cat fur flying and Solomon kicking this cats butt. I grabbed Solomon and the other cat ran away. them. Solomon has not been allowed outside since the battle as punishment plus he destroyed our gate in the climbing process. We finally have proof that the wild cat in Solomon is still there and can kick butt)


James said...

You should cut all his hair off. Then he won't hurt the other cats.

Oh wait, that was Samson.

kddub said...

cats are cool.