Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Second Saturday

Last weekend Colette and I had some good friends come up from Southern California and spend some time with us. It was a great time. Relaxing but busy enough at the same time. On Saturday night we went to Old Sacramento, which is a good time, and proceeded over to Downtown Sacramento for this thing called Second Saturday. I know this will come as a shock to you but it is on every second saturday of each month. Basically it is just a lot of art galleries that open up and you can walk around for free and they have wine and cheese and people that think they are really cool and important hang out. As well there are lots of various street performers and musicians. There were a few highlights to the night. First would have to be the fire twirling people. Basically they were just scantilly clad girls twirling balls of fire around on the end of chains. Now before you think I am a pervert, they funny part was the group of three men that had planned their evening around these girls. They had lawn chairs, beer, and cameras. They sat there noddding their heads and grooving to the music. Every once in a while, one guy would nudge the other and they would give an agreeing nod to say "yeah, I saw that too."
Second would have to be the band Art Lessing. You can check them out at (i'm too lazy to make the link). they were just two guys playing various homemade instruments that sounded really cool. They are hard to describe. So go check out there music and just so you know, their music is much better live.
The last thing that was more funny than cool was when we ended up in the gay area of downtown Sacramento. I was not aware there was one, but we found it. We were just walking around and we all happened to look inside a club to see a man wearing nothing but leather chaps and tightie wighties dancing on the stage. We then looked around and noticed the plethera or gay people wondering around. One member of our group was hit on by a middle aged man. Minutes later we were flashed by some lady walking by, she was a little bit drunk. and fortunately at least wearing a bra.
So all in all a good night: art, music, friends, perverts, gay people, and boobs.


James said...

For some reason this reminds me of an episode of the office where Michael is using his computer to speak the words he types.

Oh yes - he types "boobs" in and when he hears the audio he laughs.

And yes, you must be truly lazy to not make that takes less time to make one than typing those words explaining why you didn't...

kddub said...

So you didn't get fire twirled around you this time?

The Booters said...

there were no fire twirling around me, thank goodness. and james, no it takes longer cause on mac's or at least mine I don't have a nifty button to make the link I actually have to type the code.