Tuesday, October 30, 2007


-Colette and I were able to go see Phil Wickham when he was up in Redding, Ca. The show was amazing. He trully has a talent for playing worship. As well he has an amazing right hand when it comes to playing guitar, I am sure it is good for other things too, like writing. Thank you Brody for that little trip.

-We finally sold the van. At 1:00 in the morning three guys drove up from the bay area and decided that this was the van they needed. I say they chose wisely, it is a good van. I am also completely relieved to have the van gone. Now the only thing left to do is pay off the bills and cover the remaining balance. As well I am waiting to hear back from everybody else who are going to dispute that they owe any money whatsoever. People who will sacrifice a friendship over a few hundred dollars amaze me.

-Colette started school again. A week from Wednesday will be her second day of school. She is excited to get underway and will graduate in January of 2010. The best part is that we will be able to afford for her to be in school. We were not sure what sort of financial aide we were going to get, but we are going to get enough help to cover what we cannot afford to cover.

-That is about it, Colette and I are both sick so I am going to sit and do nothing for the rest of the day.


James said...

Mmmm, doing nothing sounds great. I think I'll do that plus maybe wash and clean out my car.

Yeah - friends and money, what a great combination. Sigh.

Hope you get better soon, health is appreciated by the both of you I'm sure.

PS - We should hang out sometime.

the CoR said...

Oh heavens, Phil Wickham's one of my faves!

Hooray for going back to school! And selling useless and fund-draining items!

And boooooo for illness. There's a lot of that going around Vanguardville these days. I think a lot of it's hangover from the fire though. At least I hope so.

Miss you guys!!!!

kddub said...

Brody said it was awesome to see you two also.

thats good you sold the van, and are getting financial aide for school. Sorry to hear about people being lame, and you both not feeling well.

.heidi.noelle. said...

Hope the two of you are feeling better! :)

Brody Harper said...

I told you... I don't owe you anything... quit harassing me.