Monday, October 8, 2007

Bad Attitude

I am sure that you have all had experience with the type of person that questions everything that you tell them to do. This is not always a bad thing. Kids do it and they are cute. Yes, it gets annoying, but you aren't (at least you shouldn't be) getting pissed off. The problem comes when the attitude of this is person one of disrespect. I had a kid in my class like this today. I am used to getting questioned by students. Usually they are trying to get away with something. "Do we really have to do this as homework?" "I know you said no talking, but can we work together?" Questions like that are not that big of a deal. But this students questions were much more disrespectful. After I said no cell phones, he said, "Why not, you're just a sub." When I said no sleeping (it is school after all), he said, "What? We can't sleep either, man what the heck." He just drove me crazy and I thought I would spread the joy.


Kevin said...

i think it's awesome that your blog is subtitled "tales from the crypt". for some reason, i laughed long and hard.

kddub said...

geez, that would be fun to deal with all day.