Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rock & Worship Roadshow

As you all know, I will out on the road for a little over a month with The Rock & Worship Roadshow. The purpose of this trip is to help create an online community and online interaction that all surrounds the tour. There is going to be some amazing talent performing 21 shows and the great part is that you can be apart of it. All you have to do is check out the tour online. There is a



YouTube channel,




plus more things will come about as the tour progresses. So check it out. Stop by and watch and say hello, come out to a show in your area, if nothing else stop by and be apart of the community who knows what is going to happen?


Anonymous said...

I heard Mercy Me is going to be out on the Island, is that true? And if so, will you and Brody be out here too?

Kyle Ray said...

Nope. They are actually about to get on the plane as I type this.

Elizabeth said...

will you be in okc April 4?