Friday, February 16, 2007

Man Vs. Wild

Today after a hard day's work shaping the mind's of America's youth, I sat down to watch a little t.v. A great show, Man Vs. Wild was on and being a fan I turned it on. For those of you who don't know about the show, the idea is that this really manly guy, goes into different "wild" areas without any survival gear and must first survive and second find some sort of civilization in five days. I must be honest it is a really cool show, and I watch it every time that it is on. However, in the last episode that I watched, the host parachuted in the Rocky Mountains and at one point found a large river he either had to cross or use to speed his travel down and out of the mountains. Cool I have no problems with that, but he said that he was going to use his backpack stuffed with his parachute and jacket as a floatation device, and then they showed shots of him floating down the river clearly sporting a life vest underneath his sweater. Now I am not fooled into thinking that everything on t.v. is real, but this is completely opposite of what he said he was even going to do. I would rather have him fail and not reach civilization within five days (they are not going to let him die of starvation or something else possible to control) than "cheat." I will forever question the entire show, I am going to wonder when he is talking about being hungry, or thirsty if he is just not mentioning that they shipped In and Out and a Dr. Pepper that is just over this next hill out of camera shot. Anyway I am dissapointed and wanted to rant to somebody.

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Anonymous said...

The last time I watched this show, the guy was in the Sierra Nevada's and literally stopped and made a sundial at glacier lake. yeah... the lake that we hiked to and swam in.... yep... the same one that has the trails to the freeway... i was waiting to see an 8 year old ride by in the background on their bike.

The better show is Survivor Man. that dude is legit.

Kristin and I freak out about that show every time we watch it... he tried to tame a "wild horse".... it was amazing.