Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things We Will Miss.....And Some We Won't

These are a few of the things that I, Colette Booter, will totally miss about southern california:

Top Five

* The Beach- it's five minutes from my house right now, tear

* Disneyland- we have passes and yesterday was probably the last day we will use them

* Coffee Bean- screw starbucks, coffee bean rocks my world in so many ways, its in kauai, but not nor cal, gay

* Rainbow Sandals Outlet- the best, cheapest place to get really good sandals

* NewportMesa Church- been there four years, i love it, it will be hard to replace

That is all I can really think of right now..... So now for the things I won't miss, and part of why I am excited to move:

Top Five

* The 91 Freeway and the Inland Empire In General- crappy freeway that is always busy in the middle of socal ghetto, ew, no more riverside twice a week!

* Traffic- yes, i realize there is traffic everywhere, but never as bad as it is here

* Crowded Everything- overpopulation is overrated

* Houses starting at $300,000- and those are condo renovations.....they used to be one bedroom one bath apts.....

* English Not Being the Prevalent Language- no habla espanol peoples....i am not racist

Ok Kyle, your turn.... :)


Anonymous said...

Nashville is better.

The Booters said...

except nashville does not have the beach, or disneyland, or coffee bean, or rainbow sandals, or newportmesa church, so...... explain to me why nashville is better because i am so missing your point :)