Thursday, February 15, 2007


So it looks like it is finally official, we are moving back to northern california. I am not sure how we are going to get there and when. But we have until the first of march to be out of our place. My wife got a call yesterday from a supervisor in Elk Grove and was hired the spot and wanted to start monday (ha ha ha). But that is not going to happen, so we are looking at a week from monday. Crazy times, we just got settled moved everything in and oh wait God said move. But, good for us, He said move so He is making everything work out just fine. I don't even have to worry about a thing. It's amazing. The timing of everything was perfect. The only person keeping us down here, gave us his blessing, the apartment we were looking at down here, well i could live there by myself but not with Colette, and then she got a call saying you have a job in Nor Cal. Perfect!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a pretty good set-up, except for the whole "not moving to Nashville" thing.

There is still plenty of houses out here when you come to your senses.

The Booters said...

someday the senses my come to me

kddub said...

we hope that you do, but I am sure that your mom is glad you are going to be closer.

Anonymous said...

We are very excited that you guys will be up here. Good choice. Absolutly no offense to Brody and Kristin.