Tuesday, February 27, 2007

California City, Ca

"California City is located a short 120 miles from Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean; only 180 miles to Nevada's stateline. From California City you are never more than a two-hour drive from the mountains, beaches, cultural centers and museums, and all the attractions that make Southern California one of the world's most popular destinations. Any way you look at it, California City offers something for everyone...The climate is dry and mild in all four seasons, which is typical for the California high desert. Low humidity and lots of sunshine provides a pleasant, year-round climate which allows everyone to enjoy the outdoors." Except those you don't like hundred degree weather, or those who get bored in the middle of nowhere. To give you an idea of what the city looks like, the picture of above is what the entire "city" looked like. This "city" is located near the Mohave desert though I think it is closer to Hell. We drove through town in about 5 minutes only to be lead out to the middle of desert and told this is as far as we will go, it all looks the same from here: flat and ugly. We saw some of the local "gangsta's" rolling down mainstreet pushing a shopping cart, the K-Mart (were we really surprised), a golf course complete with brown grass, and the realitor's office (don't worry we aren't buying land, we are selling)
In case you haven't noticed California City is a terrible place and we were all too excited to leave the area. I am not sure why people live there. I think they are lied to and don't realize the truth before it is too late, or they are born there and have never left and don't know the outside world exsists. Either way it is a great lie. So if anyone ever mentions going to California City run away quickly, act like you don't speak english (or whatever language they are speaking), play dead, etc. anything to get away. They are most likely trying to trap you into visiting and once their they won't let you leave. I am sure of it.

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kddub said...

I think I've passed through that very hot place before, and I think I did not like it.