Sunday, March 4, 2007

word verification or mind control

so the other day while commenting on a post and i was prompted as usual (mmm one 'l' or two?) to type what i see in the box. Normally, i would think much of it other than "i hate doing this part, why must this be done? so annoying." but this time was different what i saw in the box was
maybe my mind was in the gutter, but it made me think of other words that have those letters in it like ...fock (i don't think that is a word) or cuf (again one 'f' or two). you get the idea, if you don't then it was just me and all of this can be ignored. to cut this short 'cause it is late and past my bedtime. They (you know they, them) are sending subliminal messages out to the masses. everyday. i am not sure what they are trying to brainwash me into doing, but i don't like it one bit.

p.s. i think everyone should read "everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die" by david crowder and hogan something or other. even if you don't agree with what he says, (there hasn't been that much theology yet, more telling of history) it should be read for sheer comedic value. they are funny men, and they make me laugh. and maybe they will make you laugh, and learn as well.


Anonymous said...

I hate doing the word verification too, but then I realize it's so I (on my blog) don't get unbelievable amounts of Viagra ads from lonely people searching for companionship with a promise to enlarge certain parts of my body or my money back.

That "example" does seem a bit pig latin though.

kddub said...

u stole my pig latin comment.....
somehow I get the word verification wrong a lot, I think I may be a bit dyslexic.

The Agees said...

Can I borrow it when we live in the same country again? The book, I mean. Not the cryptic profanity.