Friday, March 16, 2007

A return to normalcy or it has been awhile

I suppose with that heading it might be painfully obvious (to some of you) that i like david crowder. but that is not why i am writting. Life is finally returning to some sort of normal routine. Which after a like a month or so it is about time. We are settled in a home for a least the next month or two and both me and colette are working (well i start monday) and are in search of the perfect apartment. we shall prevail since it was God's idea for us to move up here in the first place. So this blog shall begin again and continue as normal until we move again. just thought i would say that but for now i must go...apartment hunting.


kddub said...

It's about time.....

Good luck finding a place! You'd have better luck if you were looking in Nashville.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It's easy to find places in Nashville.

Oh and by the way. At least you don't even come see your friends when they are in town. It's cool. I will just fly back to Nashville in the morning, and never have seen you. it's cool.