Wednesday, March 21, 2007 the ghetto

Apartment hunting will take you to some interesting places. Take the rosedown apartments for example. Now i know that i am not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but people make millions a year creating covers for me to judge. That just doesn't seem fair. Anyway so the place looked a little "low income" but hey if the crime rate is low and the apartments are too bad who cares right? I got past the outward appearence, no judging on my part. But then we went into the leasing office and met...we will call her sarah. Sarah appeared to be dressed just fine when she was sitting behind a desk, but then she got up to show us a few apartments. Walking behind her, i noticed her skirt was probably much shorter than it should be and her knee high boots we actually the ugliest shoes i had ever seen not to mention they we falling apart, tearing at both heals. To make this combination even worse the colors didn't match, brown shoes, black skirt and a pink shirt. Not to bad on the pink but brown and black, tsk tsk tsk. Even i know that. After this site i thought, " so this is what represents their apartments." Walking into the apartments i realized that this book had an fitting cover. The rooms smelled like stale cigarette smoke, dirty carpet, dirty walls. Rooms to small to actually fit any bed at all, even a twin. It was terrible, the only place that we thought, "there is NO WAY i would even consider living here if it was the only option." So beware of the ghetto!! I would show pictures but i am lazy!


Anonymous said...

Why do you think we have been telling you about Tennessee?

kddub said...

Sorry guys, I do agree with Brody though, you could've been looking for an apartment out here. People wear nice cowboy boots out here.