Monday, June 2, 2008

Vietnamese Wedding

My father-in-law got married to a wonderful lady from Vietnam. So they had a what has become a Vietnamese wedding. They had some cool traditions that I think are super cool. The first was that instead of presents, everyone just gave a you envelopes full of money. Another tradition that we sort of do informally, is that the bride and groom go around and to each and every table and talk to everybody, and the groups from the table present their gift of money to the couple of give then best wishes. Also the bride and groom each give a little thank you speech to the people that came, instead of a best man speech.

and what I think is clearly a recent tradition, they had karaoke. Which Colette and I were forced to do. We sang a Jackson the Johnny Cash and June Carter duet only to find out that the song is supposed to be dedicated to the couple. If you don't know the song, it is not appropriate for that. And also I was introduced as a professional musician. If only they knew the truth, and that I don't even sing. Oh well, I don't think over half the crowd spoke English anyway.


Kristin said...

ha ha ha... that karaoke song would've been great to see!

Great traditions too...

Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

they video taped it, so maybe we will show it to you someday, but only you kristin, only you :)