Monday, June 2, 2008

A weekend "tour"

A couple of weekends ago The Art of Whimsy took a short little trip down to Visalia to play a bunch of shows. We played five shows in three days, which I must say was a lot of fun but at the end of the last show my brain no longer worked. As proof, I tried to leave the gas station with the gas hose still in my car. Fortunately, It was not pumping gas at the time but it was coiled up on the ground as I walked in to tell the place what happened. Needless to say I was fairly pissed, then the guy could not understand was I was saying. Go figure someone who doesn't speak english working in a gas station. So after the fifth time of telling what happened he just sent someone out with me. They took all sorts of information from me, but as of yet they haven't contacted me to make me pay for anything. So other than the dents in my car, no damage was done... to me anyway. Like I was saying playing shows was a blast, but this was not the ideal ending.


randy said...

I wouldn't worry about the gas pump thing. they make those things replaceable.

that is of course if the gas station is from the 70's than their screwed, but i doubt they'll ever call you.

brittney said...

maybe you should learn some more languages, that way the next time you do something stupid you can tell somebody :o)