Friday, July 4, 2008

Fight at Oscar's

I mentioned on the The Art of Whimsy's Blog that a couple got into a little fight in right in front of us at Oscar's so here is the story.

Pauly, Nathan and I we all gathered around a grand piano playing music. On the other side of the piano there was a bar attached to the piano, sitting there was a girl and a guy. Didn't really think anything of it, they seemed to be enjoying themselves just fine until he slapped her on the butt. She went from happy drunk to pissed off I am going to kill you drunk. She got up to leave and he grabbed her wrist to not let her go. She ripped her hand out of his grip and stormed out the front door. He just sat there shocked for a little bit, then got up took her glass of wine she had just bought and wandered around for a little bit. About two minutes later he was back at the piano talking to me (during a song I might add). During this time the lady walked back in and went to the bathroom. I then became the lookout. The guy asked me to look over his shoulder and make sure nothing happens. REALLY! I am playing music, not getting involved in your fight. For the next 10-15 minutes he looked in shock that she was mad at him and she paced around the bar looking like she was going to kill someone soon. After that they were joking and having a good time again. Stupid drunk people.

This girl also told me a funny story. She came up and said that she had been at the Street Concert so we talking about for a little bit. I asked her if she had a good time. Her response: "Yeah, I only got in one fight." Oh, that is how my fun scale fun works. The more fights the less fun. The reason for the fight is the good part, a real classy guy. She was hanging out with some guy she just met having a good time when he went and bought her a drink. About half was through the drink he took it back and gave it to another girl and ditched her for the rest of the night.

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