Sunday, July 13, 2008

What is your opinion?

Recently the issue of homosexuality has been coming up in Colette's and my conversation with each other and others. The debate has been over whether or not you can be saved and still be gay. I think that I have my opinions but I would love to hear what you guys think and then I will tell you what I think... So what do you think? Can you be living a gay lifestyle and still be a "christian?"


Kristin said...

I think you can be saved and still be gay, but you are choosing to live in sin, openly. I think it's a sin, and has nothing to do with being saved or not.

Pamela said...

Yes you can and you read why I say this at
you will see that. yes everyone is a Christain. Then read about diversity and you will ahve to agree.

Brittney Harmon said...

You can obviously be saved and have homosexual tendencies (some think that this is something that Paul struggled with). As far as being active in a homosexual relationship and still being a christian though... I guess it's possible, but not probable because:
(1) sin separates you from your savior. You really can't have a close relationship with Jesus while you are walking in sin (not to say that I never sin, but choosing to continue to walk in sin I believe is different).
(2) why would you want to be a christian if you're dead set on being homosexual? The bible speaks pretty boldly about it, as well and a lot of christians (not exactly a tolerant support group setting).
With all of that being said I really don't know if it's possible or not... so now we're back at the beginning :o)

Jonathan said...

First of all, ultimately the decision is up to God, we can't decide where a person's heart truly lives.

Second, and more specifically, a sin is a sin no matter how offensive it may be to oneself or to humanity...murder, lying, sexual orientation, etc...All sins will be weighed as disobedience toward the will and law of God. The difference one might argue between lying and being a homosexual is that a homosexual is choosing a "lifestyle", whereas the lier is partaking in a one time act of sin.

However, I would argue that the person whom partakes in the one time act of lying will inevitably partake in the sin again before they take their final breath...unless their final words are a lie. One could argue that this person (whether it is lying or some other form of sin), is partaking in a lifestyle of lying...not of homosexuality.

The point is that we cannot say yes that person is a Christian or no that person is not a Christian or saved based on their actions (although a persons deeds do speak loudly about who they are and how closely they are aligned to God's will). We can however, based on our actions, point humanity toward God. We are not called to judge humanity based on their individual lifestyles, but based on the individuals decision to live a lifestyle of sin or that of obedience. What sinful lifestyle are you most attracted to, and how is it different from that of homosexuality?

James said...
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Adrienne said...

We, as humans, have no right to say that being gay will lead you down a road to hell. Is it up to God and not us. We just need to love these people and treat them with love and respect, not judgment and hatefulness. Leave the judging up to God.

the CoR said...

I think everyone's more or less covered how I feel about it. It's sin, yeah, but everybody chooses to live in sin daily. Whether it's being lazy, lying, premarital sex, gossiping, or any other number of things, we're so entrenched in sin that a lot of times we even forget that things we do are wrong. Homosexuality is just a real easy one to see the effects of, so we can look at that and say it's worse than all of our crap. But if you can gossip and still be a Christian, you can be gay and be a Christian.

Sidenote: What the heck was that person talking about above with the "Everyone is a Christian" comment? I'm sure there are a lot of militant atheists who would be very upset to hear such a comment. ;o)

Brittney Harmon said...

so... what do you think?

ninelives said...

This is one of those questions I have a hard time rapping my head around. On one hand I know what Bible states and I know how I interpret the Bible. But it is not my place to judge such life styles. Isn't it God place to do so?