Thursday, July 10, 2008

Link Love

So I am really really lazy about this, but there really isn't reason to be... So if you hang around here every once in awhile laugh at my bad grammar and bad spelling and I don't link to you let me know. The whole point of this thing is creating a community and I am failing miserably at this point. So let me know and I will throw a link up to you, and then I can read your blog and we can have a great time together. Thanks


James said...

You have a link to me. Two in fact...except I never write on either of them.

One I can assure you will never be posted on again, so you can delete that if you want.

The other...well lets just say there might be some big news coming on that one.

.heidi.noelle. said...

You have me linked :) However I think I need to link you! I enjoy reading about your lives (bad spelling and all! Hey just take a closer look at mine and you will see I am far worse!)