Monday, July 28, 2008

The trouble with migraines

The worship pastor at the church I attend gets terrible migraines. He is not really sure why or what causes them, but he gets them. This last weekend I was playing on the worship team and in the middle of the second service on Saturday night he started to get one. He went home early and the last service just didn't have a closing song. Sunday morning came and he was feeling fine again. The team was excited since him being out with a migraine means a lot of scrambling to find someone to lead and not a lot of practice time. But at the end of the first service he turned to us and said that his migraine was back and he had to leave immediately. Oh boy. So with out any practice the youth pastor stepped up and led the set. He knew all of the songs but one and had about 5 minutes to learn it. The set was a little shaky as we weren't sure if he played to same stops and starts and he just plays a little different. So props to Justin for stepping up and taking charge and doing an amazing job.


New York Acupuncturist said...

Has he tried acupuncture for his migraines? It works very well, doesn't have any side effects and doesn't hurt (seriously). He should find a good acupuncturist in his area. I've helped enough people become migraine-free that I think it's something every migraine sufferer should consider.

Brittney Harmon said...

Migraines are pretty inconvenient. I feel very blessed that I've only had one sense our little one was born. Of coarse it was happened to be the day that everybody I know was out of town, so I pretty much just had to suck it up... but anyway.

I missed almost 30 days a year (when I was in school) from migraines... no wonder I hate school, and I was so far behind.

I'll be praying for your friend... I know that sucks. And for the rest of you that have to step up when he leaves.