Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I feel dirty

I just spent a couple of hours looking for photos and videos of the pussycat dolls. they are really trashy. I never really knew that much about them. Now I know they are young sexy girls who act slutty and have no problem being that way. It really sad.

Oh it was for a video project about where as christians we should draw the line at one we listen to. I think that I decided that as christians there really shouldn't be a line between secular and sacred music. It can all be pleasing to God. The only thing that we should stay away from is music that in one way or another degrades a human being. As well if there is something that causes you to stumble then you shouldn't listen to that either.

What do you think about the issue?


randy said...

its a pretty tough call when it comes to music.

personally I don't like listening to tool, only because I find myself liking the sound a lot but then I realize the lyrics that go with it. then I'm stuck wondering what it would be like if I were to say things like the lyrics with out the music.

Im fairly plain when it comes to music. But a lot of christian music is very depressing.

Jonathan said...

I can never hear the lyrics no matter what I try...sacred or secular I get lost somewhere between the words and the music...and find myself only ever able to remember the music if that...I guess I can't listen to both at the same time...that said, I don't draw a line unless the lyrics hell bent on degrading God.

the CoR said...

Your rule of thumb there seems like a pretty good one.