Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Advice Needed

So most of you know I am having a baby in about 6 weeks. People are saying now is the time to pack that all important back of stuff to bring to the hospital. Now of course we have all sorts of books and magazines telling us what not to forget, but I am curious what (those of you who have been there) wish they had been told to bring or something you brought but didn't need. So this is probably the first and last time I will ask for "parenting" advice from so many people. Let me know, I wouldn't want to forget anything important like the car seat.


randy said...

How about one of those hand squeezy things thats supposed to releave tension...

I really would know..

Brittney Harmon said...

a gun... to shoot myself! And now I've got to do it all over again... great!

Kristin said...

Honestly, those lists are really good ones. Usually most of the things used are during the hospital stay, and not during the labor portion.

Snacks are good for the husband, because the wife won't usually want you to leave her side, but will hate you for eating, because she can't. So it's tricky. Snacks you can sneak....Or just be prepared to go without eating!!!!

Chapstick, and mints and gum were huge helps for me personally.

Another huge time passer was having our laptop and some movies.

Keep us up to date on the info. I wish we could be there to see your brand new baby when she comes! We are excited for you guys.

adrienne hicks said...

Definitely bring snacks! Jonathan forgot snacks when we had Ethan and was starving by the time he was born. We brought movies, books and music to pass the time but ended up not really using those things. Bring them in case though! If she gets an epidural she may just sleep through labor, I did. Otherwise, I would say your wife should bring her shampoo and soap (she's going to want a shower after the baby is born.) Bring clothes for the baby in a few different sizes. Premie clothes are good because generally newborn clothes are too big (even if you have a big baby). So 1 or 2 premie shirts that button in the front (to protect the belly button.) I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Good luck to both of you and congrats!

Brittney Harmon said...

I didn't bring big enough clothes for after the birth. i guess I thought you just go right back to the way you were... or maybe it was just a wish.

I could really see the laptop and movies being a really good time passer, but only if she's up to it.

I totally ate during labor... hello it was 45 hours! the best thing ever was jello (and I don't normally like it), it was so cool and refreshing.

extra hair ties are nice too. Both of mine broke.

Anonymous said...

It's been 30 years, but I really needed a tennis ball. When applying some pressure in the lower back, it equalized the pressure on my back bone. Really helped, don't really know if that is still okay, or if there is anything more up to date.
Just my thought.
Love you, Barb

Rosebud Organics said...

Amen on the snacks! Rubber slippers for the shower. A boy outfit just in case... (Ours came in handy when the lady next to us didn't have an outfit for her son.) A surprise for the new Mom would be sweet :) I wish I had brought a treat for the Dr. and nurses as well. Yey for Bella! Can't wait to meet her.