Friday, September 12, 2008

First day of work

Today, well this morning at 6:15 my phone went off. Both Colette and I could not believe somebody would be calling me this early in the morning. Then we both remembered that my new job would be calling me at 6:15 in the morning. So I answered and accepted a job teaching P.E. at Rocklin High School. I was not thrilled since P.E. tends to be a class for kids to goof off in. This means less respect given to me, making may job much harder. Though I must say I am used to teaching in less than desirable areas. I was hoping it wouldn't be that difficult.

My first class, I walked into the gym and was surprised to find that my class would be the only one in there. (They have other gyms for the other classes). Good I thought, then I realized that my students were already lined up and sitting down in the places waiting for me to give them direction. I was amazed and extremely happy. The rest of the day was just as easy.

If this is any indication of how subbing will be in this district I am going to love my job.

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Brittney Harmon said...

did you run with them... haha