Monday, September 29, 2008

Disaster Not Averted and how will make my millions

I love watching Television. However I don't love sitting in front of the t.v. for a couple of hours to catch my "favorite" show. Thankfully the wonderfully smart people created DVR's. You tell it what to record and it does it. We have one of these set to record all of our favorite shows and it keeps track of new episodes and only records those. These past few weeks I was excited that some of the new shows were going to be coming back. But nothing was getting recorded so I figured maybe I was off, after all I never really checked. Last night I realized that the DVR was not working right. It no longer recognized upcoming episodes so nothing was getting recorded. But don't worry everything is under control. We reset everything and "my shows" will record as planned. Now I just have to find the first episodes to all of the seasons that I missed.

By the way, I think that somebody should invent a DVR type thing for the radio. I don't think you could record specific songs. But it could record the last half hour so you could rewind a favorite song, or rewind it all the way back and fast forward the commercials and/or songs you don't like. And now that this is posted on public domain, I will get no money for my wonderful idea.

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Anonymous said...

Kyle...Sirius Satelitte Radio has a rewind and FF button. I have it in my car. I live with the Satelitte guy and he got it for me...You can contact him

Love you guys. Barb