Friday, September 12, 2008

the internet knows I am dumb

you know those little captcha things (the random letters that keep spamers from mass commenting on your blog)? (I wonder if that is really what they are called? or if I am just making things up?) Without fail i usually type it wrong the first time. Even if I take my time and type it slow, I don't get it. But the second time, I get some easy one that is only five digits long and a couple of letters repeat. The internets way of judging my intelligence. But I am not offended, I am just glad the internet realizes that I am a little slower than the rest of the world, so it should just make it easier for me.

(when the internet takes over the world like in iRobot, it won't think that I am smart enough to be a threat).


Brittney Harmon said...

I do the exact same thing!

the CoR said...

I ALWAYS have to type it in at least twice. It's a Captcha conspiracy, I tell you!