Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crazy People

So because i don't have a life i have been watching this show called moral court. It is basically people's court but the verdict is based on moral criteria. An interesting idea and mildly entertaining. Not a show i would race home to make sure i saw, but good enough to watch because there is nothing else on at the moment. Anyway i just wanted to say that some people are crazy. this lady has a homeless guy living in her house for the last three years (making him not homeless but that is besides the point). that is not so crazy, the crazy part if that he threatens to stab her son, has almost burned the house down on several occassions and she defends him by saying that he is only like that when he is drunk. And to make things even worse, the only reason why he is homeless is because he does not want to spend the money that he receives on a place to stay, he would rather drink it. Stupid Lady.

Side note: i am all for being nice to people who need help, take care of the poor. Isn't that what we are called to do? But at a certain point there is helping and enabling not to mention putting your family at risk.


kddub said...

so what was the moral verdict?

I agree there's a way to help without endangering yourself and family.

The Booters said...

The judge ruled against her, but she still did not get it. She just thought that everyone was completely overreacting. it was rediculous.