Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was at our house for the first time this year. We got up early, slaved away in the kitched, cleaned the house, set the table, etc. It was a lot of fun, getting to be the adults who were responsible instead of relying on other people. Plus it was sort of nice for my Mother do not have to worry about having the "get together" at their house with the mess to clean and the food to prepare. She is an amazing women and deserves more credit than she gets. So it was nice to be able to give her the break. We cooked way too many pork ribs and won't be cooking for the next week or so. (Pork ribs do not have bones, the entire thing is meat. I thought that ribs had bones, i was mistaken so we have a lot of ribs left over, serioulsy do you want some)? Baked beans, salad, corn on the cobb, 7-layer dip, chips, veggie tray, eggs of the devil, soda pop (hehehe), homemade bread, banana bread, brownies. It was awesome. The whole family came and we just hung out and relaxed ate food and then people started leaving which was good cause we were getting tired. As well as mother's day it was also sort of a house warming thing, which means that we got gifts! We were given a potted rose bush for our patio area, a fountain, some sushi trays, sauce holders, and soy sauce pourer, and glass bakeware. So it was a good time for all, at least i hope.


James said...

Sounds like a good time indeed. And I'd love some ribs but I'm sure they'd stale by the time they arrived at my humble abode. I suppose I'll just have to fly or drive up there some day when I have the free time.

But we could have fresh ribs - yummy.

Or maybe coffee?

I like coffee.

Or tea.

Or any kind of drink or food really.

The Booters said...

we could have whatever you want when you come up here.

kddub said...

sounds like a southern meal... see you'd love it out here!

Happy mothers day to your mom, she is amazing