Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Amazing Wife

Colette is sick. It has been a long week and it finally caught up with her. yesterday she took half the day off and tried to get some rest and start to feel better. This did not happen and I thought that I would be a good husband. i made soup for dinner and then we sat and watched a movie and I was going to give her a massage and get her to sleep early. Unfortunately, it has been a long week for me as well. By eight o'clock i had passed out on the couch and was woke up by colette at nine to go to sleep. I was completely out of it and am surprised I made it to bed. I woke up this morning and not only did she get me to bed and take care of me but she also cleaned up after dinner, which i didn't do because i was asleep on the couch.


Anonymous said...

Should we be expecting a separate post entitled "My Lazy HUsband"?

Just kidding Kyle. I do that all the time.

The Booters said...

No she didn't even think anything of it.

kddub said...

I have an amazing husband as well!
Since we all have such great spouses and love each other, you guys should move to Nashville!!!!!
(did you really think I'd give that up?)

I hope Collette is feeling better soon.

The Booters said...

haha, kyle seems to think that he made it to 8 before he fell asleep, it was more like 6:45-7... :) and there will not be a "my lazy husband" post, sorry brody, he is too amazing all the time to post something like that, well, either that or i am just in a good mood :) and finally well (thanks kddub:)!)