Friday, May 11, 2007

sleep over at my place

On tuesday night we had a sleep over at my place. that's right my two nephews (five and three) came over and spent the night at my house. Their parents we going to a friends concert so we agreed to take them for the night. This isn't one of those stories where everything goes wrong. In fact i think thati am going to be an amazing parent, well at least colette is going to be and that means i will be too since my kids will be well behaved and people will equate that to our parenting skills. Jerod the oldest was a little afraid since this was the first time they have been to our place so we let the boys sleep on the floor of our room. I apperently have the ability to sleep throught a kid talking in his sleep every half hour or so because he is having nightmares. Luckliy for Jerod, colette does not have this ability. Other than the nightmares, the night went perfectly well and I got to work on time and the kids even had breakfast. We are officially ready to be parents, just not yet.


kddub said...

ready in 9 months?

how fun for your nephews too.

The Booters said...

No not in nine months maybe, hopefully longer.

.heidi said...

kyle! this was a great post:) thanks for the smile...i needed it this morning!