Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stupid Students

Kids think that they are so clever and are shocked when you catch them doing something they are not supposed to do. Like texting in class. they sit there looking at their laps clearling doing something and they wonder how you know they are texting. Then after you catch them and ask them to stop, they do it again and are surprised that you caught them yet again. Today though I had a student that just didn't get it. First he walked out of the class to blow his nose and continued walking to hang out with friends. Now this was all noticable to me because of the giant windows he was walking in front of. so i asked him to come inside and work. About 30 min. later he asked to use the restroom. "ok just come right back" so he walks out to the bathroom and stops short turns around and walks to his friends. Again this was right in front of the windows. Again i walk outside and tell him to either come in or go to the bathroom. he says ok and starts walking but again turns to his friends. Again right in front of the windows. so i said him to detention for the rest of the day. Surprise, he didn't go. but instead of just walking away and leaving the area. he hung out right next to the classroom so that about 5 min before the end of school I saw him with his friends again. Anyway his sneaking ability is lacking so tomorrow when i go back to this class he will spend the entire period and possibly all saturday in detention. All because he wouldn't just sit in his seat and do a tiny bit of work.

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RC said...

sometimes it seems like the easiest things some how end up being the hardest for some people.