Monday, May 14, 2007

sexy feet

Today was a real rough day at work. I was "forced" to watch the movie "happy feet" three times during the day. It was really hard since it was a movie that i had wanted to watch and as it turned out, it is a good movie. Which is really the entire reason why i am telling you about my day at work. If you haven't seen "happy feet" i think that you should. It boasted quite the all-start cast including elijah wood, nicole kidman, hugh jackman, and robin williams. Would the movie be funny without robin williams? No probably not. Cute, but not funny. My only concern with the movie was that it was quite sexual for a kids movie. I am not sure that they would get most of the jokes and references but you never know, kids are amazingly intelligent. So watch the movie, but maybe watch the movie before you show it to little kids or else you may be asked where babies come from.


The Agees said...

Do I see that Hugo Weaving is in the cast? Does he come across as more of an Elrond penguin, an Agent Smith penguin or a V for Vendetta penguin?

There's no bad choice here.

Anonymous said...

Where do babies come from?

The Booters said...

I am not sure which penguin he is, but if i am thinking correct sort of Elrond in about a millenium or two.

Babies come from...when a mommy and daddy love each other very much, they order one from a magazine. sort of like russian mail order brides.

kddub said...

duh Brody, thats where we got our babies.