Friday, May 18, 2007

Strippers and ADD

I had a wild and crazy student in one of my classes today. So bad that after a mere 20 minutes I had already sent him out to detention for the remainder of the 90 min class. The teacher warned me about him saying that he had ADHD. And i simply just don't get. I can almost 100% guarantee that if we had a guest speaker in the class that happened to a stripper he would have payed attention and did his work if the other option was to leave. (I picked stripper to grab his attention because he is a teenage boy and he was constantly shouting out the lyrics to rap songs choosing in particular ones with overtly sexual references). Now if this is the case then it sounds like he just needs to learn how to focus himself. I have trouble focusing on a boring lecture, as does anybody else, but i have been taught the discipline to sit still and not be disruptive. Doctors have given people who have trouble focusing on things they are not interested in a name and thus an excuse. Kids labeled with ADD and ADHD are given an excuse. "I can't sit still because I have a disease. It is not my fault." Perhaps if we never labeled these kids and instead expected better behavior, then maybe we might get it. If we label a kid dumb and tell him we don't expect him to get good grades or be very smart, then you can bet they will believe this of themselves and achieve the expected.


kddub said...

I don't know a lot about that "disease" but I've heard that healthy eating and discipline have helped kids with the so called disease.
That sounds like a hard day at school for you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I lost focus on that post... can you repeat that?

The Booters said...

high school boys like strippers and not doing homework especially if they have adhd