Friday, June 15, 2007

Amy Kuney

With Colette gone for the night at a business meeting, I was left home with nothing to do. So i decided to check out a concert at a new christian coffee house i discovered while looking for venues to play. there were two acts, Amy Kuney and some other guy that i don't remember the name of, we will call him ted. Ted had the sound system and decided to push the start of the show back an hour but did not tell anyone about this. So as we all waited i think there were three of us there, one of which was Amy, we had no clue why he was late. About twenty minutes late he finally showed up, set up and the show began. Amy started and is really impressive. She has a talent for song writting. i was immediately impressed and plan to take colette to see her tonight in Sacramento. Her website is and i would recommend listening to "Breaking Bad Habits" if nothing else. I am going to pick up the cd tonight so i can tell you how it is.

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