Monday, June 25, 2007

Amy Kuney...Demo

So like i said i would buy the album and tell you about it. the first track is terrible. way over-produced. it sounds nothing like the girl we saw play. in fact it also sounds nothing like the rest of the cd. the rest of the cd does a much better job capturing the sound of amy kuney. however, i am not a huge fan of the producing of the cd. the first song aside, the cd is a lot better but there are a few things that just don't sound good: Levels of certain instruments or vocal lines and arrangments of some of the songs. (it sounds like a an album recorded for pre-production. Get some ideas down and see how they sound, and fix things from there). But these problems are not enough to bother me into not listening to the cd. the cd is not all bad either, the last track of the cd is perfect in my opinion. A simple song left alone. the only thing added was a violin which fits the song perfectly. I would give the album about a 3 out 5 but i like the songs so i would buy it again. She also has a track on her myspace (love is trippy) which i think should have gone on her album but it didn't.

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