Sunday, June 17, 2007

grill master

Going over to my parent's house on the weekend has sort of become the thing that we do. On these trips we usually do our laundry, which is why we try to find an excuse to hang out there on the weekends: free laundry, free food. These are not the only reasons, but some very good ones. however, there is some give and take. i have become the resident bbq-er. that is what i do. mom buys the meat and i cook it. it certainly beats clean-up and i think that i am getting fairly decent at it. So for father's day, it is no surprise that i found myself at my parents bbqing dinner. tonight was shish kabobs. I have never really thought of cooking these before until i put them on the grill and realized something rather obvious. "i just put a bunch of meat and veggies on very thin, dry pieces of wood and then set them over fire. i wonder what will happen?" I wasn't really surprised after opening the lid for the first time and seeing about half the shish kabobs sticks were black and crispy. (I am not sure who thought stabbing your food with wood and then cooking it over a fire, but their intelligence should be questioned). Anyway i soon also discovered it was difficult turning shish kabobs without either breaking the stick or burning your hand or pulling the food off. it was quite a learning experience but by the second batch i was practically an expert, and dinner turned out ok.

overall, i had a good fathers day, nice and relaxing with the whole family. always good to be able to have the whole family gather around the table to eat a good home cooked meal. if you are father and reading this i hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day.


kddub said...

I'm not a father, but happy fathers day to your father.

The last time I made shish ka bobs was with my dad, he soaked the wood sticks in water first... just a handy tip. oh... and shish ka bobs don't burn in Nashville.

The Booters said...

good tip, i will make sure that i am in nashville when i make shish kabobs next