Friday, June 1, 2007

The name revealed

those of you on the edge of your seat on how to actually pronounce the name. (i know of at least ten million of you). The name is pronounced Elijah. Ya i don't get it either, the name looks like a girls name in fact i was looking for a girl as i called role, until someone said, "oh, elijah." And then i realized, "she" would be a "he" with parents that can't spell.


kddub said...

iliasia= Elijah? really? okay.... creative I guess!

The Agees said...

One could build an equally convincing case for "Elisha."

"It's Caro-LINE, Brian. It's Caro-LINE."

Anonymous said...

Iliasia is the Tongan/Polynesian form of Elijah. It's good to be aware of other cultures and their spellings.