Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It is Good

it is good to be playing music again. Monday and tuesday night, my current project (that makes me sound cooler than i really am) played a few open mic nights: short, sweet, and simple. they were auditions to get "real" shows and be allowed to play more than fifteen minutes. they went well and i would say that we got the gigs at both places which will hopefully lead to more and more. Anyway it was good to play music again and as always it felt good to hear people like what you do. ironically one guy told us that we should move down to L.A. and play music down there, we would be sure to get a record deal...he doesn't know much about L.A.

The Art of Whimsy


Brody Harper said...

Ahhh yes. The awkward left hand in photo, Kyle. Really... tell me... what are we supposed to do with that hand?

When you find out tell me.

The Agees said...

Write a song about the awkward left hand. They'll love it in LA.

The Booters said...

i never know, in pictures pockets just look awkward, and so does everywhere else. next time i am just going to wear a really long shirt so i don't have hands.